More love and less stuff By Udeni

by admin

The coming is a day important for all of us, the Catholics and is what we were looking for nearly a year to celebrate. Christmas is the time of giving, peace, happiness, and LOVE!

What comes into our mind about Christmas is an image of gifts, decorations, family gatherings, parties with friends and a lot of fun. Gift-giving is considered important in the Christmas period and there are almost less than 2 weeks left to find a gift for your family and loved ones! And to be honest, finding the best gift is the most difficult part!

Some people try to find out the most expensive gifts from the stores for their loved ones to show their caring nature and love towards them. Some would think about giving vouchers or cash to make the thing easy or to allow them to buy whatever they prefer for Christmas. Some people think of packing gifts they received for the last Christmas which they don’t prefer much, so they can gift it in this year to someone who might admire that gift. Well, that depends on individual preferences and capabilities.

However, the most expensive gifts are not the best thing we can do to show our love and caring nature for someone we love more than anything this year. You indeed get the best gifts and cash if you are the lucky one and if you have an awesome family. But, you might have had the feeling that admires the true affection someone gives you rather than the numerous, valuable gifts you have received from them.

This year, I encourage you to give love to the stuff you would buy from the stores. Your family members and loved ones may need more time to spend with you than receiving many gifts from you. A great time with your lovely ones will be the best memory this year. There are many ways how you can show your love except gift giving. Check out some of them below!

1.Let your family and loved ones number 1!
You might have probably spent a busy life this year. You might have had less time to spend with your family. You might feel that you missed your responsibilities towards your family due to having less time but more work. Make all your sufferings into a great time with your family this Christmas. Give priority to your family and loved ones and you will have ‘that idea’ how to make it because you are the one than anyone who knows what would make your family happier!

2.Help who are in need!
Christmas is the time of giving love. It is not a thing we should give only to our family but also to our neighbors and the world. There might be some people who may need your love and care than anyone this Christmas. Search around in your neighborhood; you might see some people who are struggling with hunger, cold weather, or with some physical illness. The opportunities are everywhere, what you have to do is look for them!

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