Playing Your Best Golf Game

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It might once have been said that golf is a good walk spoiled, but that doesn’t stop millions of eager players the world over from enjoying its charms on a regular basis. Mastering this ancient and noble pastime however takes dedication, practice, and patience and if you want to up your game and make the most of every single swing, take a look at the tips described here. We’ll start out with a few basics and simple ideas before moving on to some slightly more advanced concepts so whatever your level, you should find something to help you out.
Your game can be won or lost before you even step on to the course so when it’s time to tee off, make sure your mind is on the game ahead. Players’ scores fluctuate wildly due to outside factors that they bring with them, so if you want to play your best, leave everything behind, from personal to business matters, and concentrate on what’s about to happen. Also remember to keep things in perspective. At the end of the day, golf is your hobby and it’s meant to be enjoyed so while playing well and winning is all very well, a bad game isn’t going to affect your life that much.
However, having said that, if being competitive and playing under pressure is your thing, then the way to improve in this aspect is to play in this fashion more often. Increase your competitive schedule to include more high pressure games, or try placing a small wager when playing with friends just to up the stakes a little and find out how you perform when something is on the line.
Posture and positioning are key aspects of golf, and to ensure you are ready for your round, it’s important to get loosened up. A favourite stretch of pros and top amateurs is the Superman Stretch and this is guaranteed to get your warmed up properly. Take both arms and hold them out in front of you. Reach under your left arm and place your right wrist behind your left elbow. While maintaining this position, place your right palm on the right side of your face, then bend from the hips into your normal golfing stance. Perform a slow motion backswing, hold it at the top for 30 seconds, then switch to the other side.
Another drill that is good for getting you ready for serious doses of power swings requires you to stand upright and keep making non-stop practice swings as if you are knocking out waist-high fastballs. Keep this up and slowly pull your spine in toward your normal stance until the head of your club clips the grass. Do this five times and you are ready to roll.
Once you’re warmed up a bit, hit a series of practice shots that start by using the pitching wedge and then move up through the short iron, long iron, fairway wood and driver.
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