Power of Music

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Music is the universal language even though each country in the world has its own way of communicating. Music is not meant only to give entertainment but is nowadays used as a healing technique for patients with different types of health issues mainly for Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Music has such an interesting journey of transforming into medicine in the healthcare field from its start as a means of providing entertainment.
Music also has no limits. There are many genres of music currently available with different music techniques, cultural contexts, and spiritual themes. Each music genre affects the human brain differently depending on the personality, personal background, music knowledge, and mentality of a person. This is the basic concept of using music as medicine.
Remember the moments you got stressed, anxious, sad, or even extremely happy. Most of the time, we all listen to some music to calm down ourselves or celebrate joyful moments. Music has such a big space in our lives from birth to death.

Elena Mannes who is a famous documentary director/writer/producer explored the relation of the cries of babies and music by which she got to find some interesting facts. She found that the cries of babies have similar intervals to that of the Western music resembling that music has a special space occupied in human life since birth.
Mannes also stated, “consonant intervals, the smooth-sounding ones that sound nice to our Western ears in a chord, as opposed to a jarring combination of notes.” Mannes’s findings are really interesting in that she expects to explore ways of using music to influence the human brain. She believes in this fact because scientists have already found that music can trigger brain functions by stimulating a greater number of brain areas than any other human function.
We can have good faith in music that it will be useful to help people with neurological defects. Recovering patients who have lost verbal functionalities is believed to be possible to accomplish using music as a cure.
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