The Promise of Spring

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It is a time when pulses quicken and pupils dilate with excitement.  Perspiration beads delicately on the brow and lips whet with anticipation. A swell of emotion builds, crests and breaks within the heart and pours forth in torrents of vitality not to be seen again for another year. It is the advent of Spring, that time of the year when the chains of Winter’s doldrums are shrugged off and life is bright with promise, resplendent with energy and overflowing with good feeling. Almost everyone welcomes the Return of Spring with unrivaled enthusiasm, but for photographers and models, cooped up inside the static walls of studios all winter long, there is a special joy that comes with the lengthening of the light, the warming of the air and the change in clime that brings about such a riot of splendid beauty like no other time of the year.
Spring steals into the lives of the artist and his subject with a careful and furtive nature that sometimes borders on the perverse. Even before the chance to step outside presents itself, Spring makes its presence felt inside the studio. As each day increases in length and the angle of the sun intensifies, the natural light pouring in through studio windows is a blessing not to be missed. The rich, warm, almost buttery rays wrap loving arms around models perched near or in expansive windows and wearing carefully chosen garments that reflect, refract or absorb light, laying delicate fingers of loveliness over all. Hair, eyes and skin all bask in a lushness of color that cannot be replicated with studio lighting and is not quite as attainable when the light is weak in the late Fall and through the early Winter. But as the transition from Winter to the New Season approaches and anxious hopes for an early Spring blossom in the hearts and minds of photographers and models alike, the Return of the Light provides a Renaissance of Hope as the Studio Season begins drawing to a close.
It is the wise and patient photographer who follows the guiding hand of the burgeoning light in his studio, for the Siren Call of getting outside can often lead to disappointment and embarrassing frustration if yielded to in those early days of Spring. The Light may be broader and days might be warmer, but nature responds to the impetus of renewal in her own time. Grass remains colorless and trees hang bare and lifeless for those first weeks of Spring, sometimes for as long as a month and a half. Breezes are still brisk, clouds can still fill the sky at a moment’s notice, and any place near the water is often icy in temperature for reasons that any science teacher would happily explain. Taking models outside too early in the Season risks much.
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