Psychology of Color in Fashion

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The five human senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch are how we interact with and experience the physical world around us. Our five senses have a tremendous impact on our brain and how it responds to the stimuli that we are experiencing. Most of these stimuli and the subsequent decisions made due to them are quite often subconscious in nature and are rarely noticed. We go through life making constant conscious and subconscious decisions based on how our senses perceive our environment.
Color is a strong stimulus. The various perceived colors of the spectrum each provide a psychological response in the minds of those that view them. Color has such a powerful effect that business gurus and advertisers utilize it heavily to attract people to their brands. How effective is color on purchasing and selection decisions? One study entitled Impact of Color in Marketing revealed that as high as 90 percent of purchasing decisions are based solely on color. Another study called The Interactive Effects on Colors shows the link between color and brands is based on appropriate perception, or a color rightly fitting the brand personality. Still another study dubbed Exciting Red and Competent Blue emphasizes how certain feelings are generated by certain colors creating expected consumer reactions as in a red Farrari producing excitement, a black Harley Davidson representing ruggedness, or a white dress depicting purity and innocence. Therefore, the success of major brands and the specific colors and combinations of colors used by them is not a coincidence. Color strongly impacts the way people react.
Color is not only a powerful marketing tool, but it also deeply affects the way people feel. It is commonly known that those folks feeling hot and sexy often don red clothing or purchase red sports cars and those wishing to feel relaxed and peaceful will wear or deck out their bedrooms with blue, gray, brown or other earth tones. The colors we choose for our clothes, cars, furniture and homes are those that make us feel a certain way, whether we realize it or not.
Color and Clothing
Clothing choices reveal the foundational personality of the individual, both from the styles and colors worn. As far as style is concerned, it is easy to pick out the very feminine felines by their delicate, sleek and ruffled designs, the athletes by their logo-spattered sportswear and the rebels by their attention-grabbing grubs. Because certain colors make us feel certain ways, we select our duds according to certain hues.
Fashion is a two-way street. First of all, we choose our clothing because of how items make us feel personally. Certain colors make us feel more vibrant, confident, joyful, or intelligent. We often make clothing and wardrobe changes to coordinate with our changing moods. That fiery red dress, shawl, shoes and purse may be the perfect selection when seeking a night of passion, but blue is best for peaceful and serene socializing, something green when you’re feeling outdoorsy or yellow attire when the happy bug hits.
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