Race Swapping in Superhero Movies – Good or Bad?

by admin

If you have ever heard of the term ‘racebending’ or ‘whitewashing’ before, it should be mostly after the box office movie ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’ was cast in 2009. Race swapping is very similar to racebending and whitewashing although it started to get noticed recently with many movies starting to swap two or more races together when designing how the movie characters should look like. The most interesting thing about race swapping in Hollywood movies is that majority of these movies have become box office movies. The first commonly noticed race swapping in Hollywood movies is on ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’, according to the movie reviewers. The main characters Aang, Katara, and Sokka were meant to be a mix of Inuit and Asian races but were cast as Caucasian characters. Of course, the movie was of great quality but there are good points to consider that race swapping has done a significant impact on ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’ for being a ‘box office’ movie.
We as comic book enthusiasts adore watching our preferred superheroes leap to the huge screen. However, not everyone is pleased with just how their chosen superheroes have been portrayed in Hollywood. This indignation is not always caused by minor changes to a cast’s original tale but what appears to enrage comic book readers is when the superheroes don’t appear to be identical to their comic book equivalents. Either you believe it’s utterly crazy or completely reasonable, switching the races of characters is the single most effective way to enrage some fans.

People hold different opinions about race swapping like always when it comes to topics about race and ethnicity etc. Some people say that race swapping is not appropriate because the races of the characters should be kept original as they were meant to be in the original source. The movies especially the superhero movies with race swapping done are based on comics that were written and drawn before the movies were produced. Most comics introduce the characters as ‘XXX, 23, White’ because the artists and authors have thought racial presentation is important for the comical characters.
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