Raising Your Sex Drive

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The old stereotyping about a female’s sex drive is true. Men, according to numerous studies, really have a stronger and more straightforward libido than women. In fact, even scientists agree that the source of a female’s libido is quite difficult to pin at. This may be because a female usually cares more about the emotional connection than on pure lust.

But regardless of your gender, there will come a point that you would want to get down and dirty with a partner but you just can’t find the drive. After all, sex is the most intimate form of affection – at least, for most people. So before your partner thinks that you find him or her unattractive, act on raising your sex drive now.


6 Facts on Sex Drive

There are six known facts about men and women sex drive.

1. Men think about sex more often than women.

According to studies, a majority of men – even those beyond 60years old – think about sex at least once day. In fact, they even have spontaneous arousals caused by varied fantasies. On the contrary, only one-quarter of adult women think about it that much. And the number of women would slide even further as they grow older.

2. Men want sex more than women.

Men want to hook up in the beginning, middle and even many years after the end of a relationship. Other than that, men are also revealed to want more sex partners, even if it’s just casual sex. This information is even true in 62% of priests, who have admitted to sexual activity despite their vow of chastity.

When it comes to their special “alone time”, about two-thirds of men admit to masturbating compared to only 40% of women.

3. Women’s sexual turn-ons are much more complicated than men.

The difference of men and women is made even more obvious when it comes to sexual turn-ons. While men become aroused very spontaneously, women don’t even know what their sexual turn-ons are and who they become aroused by. Studies reveal than genitally, women would have the same reactions to porn movies featuring male-female, female-female and male-male sex.

To add to the level of women complexity, even social and cultural factors come into play when talking about women’s libidos. For instance, women’s attitudes toward sexual practices are more likely to change overtime, depending on their peers’ reactions.

The reason for this complication is that women tend to become too selective in their partners because they are the ones who get pregnant and end up taking care of the baby. Relationship quality is highly important as they want someone who will stick around even after the child is born.

4. Women need a different kind of sexual stimulation.

To get to women’s panties, there needs to be stimulation but not necessarily foreplay. They want anticipation to build in and this is where romance novels come in handy. Women want context and they want emotions involved. Men, on the other hand, just want plain sex – they’re that direct.

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