Rescuing Animals from Abuse and Cruelty

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Stray dogs in the streets, cats left out to die of starvation and pitbulls engaged by owners in bullfighting — these are just some manifestations of animal abuse. Abuse comes in two forms: passive and active. Unfortunately, it is the owners themselves, us humans, who contribute most to the mounting number of the grim and ill fate of these animals.
According to Humane Society, a US animal protection organization, 64% of the media-reported incidences of animal cruelty involved dogs, 18% involved cats and 25% involved other animals. Thousands of dogs, especially pitbulls, die due to bullfighting, while others are subjected into puppy mills with very harsh conditions. Some animals, like cats and horses, are left out in extreme weather conditions with no food and shelter.
Animal cruelty is even linked to domestic violence. The same report from the Humane Society states that 71% of the victims of domestic violence say that their pets have been targeted by violent partners as well. These are only reported figures; more animals could be subjected to similar or worse incidents that we do not know of.
The numbers continue to escalate as more and more people use animals for entertainment and profitability, rather than treat them as companions and members of the family. And even if pet owners do not directly hurt their animals, when they neglect the animal’s needs for food, medication and shelter, it is still considered as animal abuse and negligence.
This grim statistics calls out to compassionate people to extend their help towards animal rescue. Animal rescue is not just about reporting an animal abuse incident nor dropping an animal off at the shelter. Compassion should lead us to follow up on the condition of the abused animal, see what more we can give and do and look for means to lower the incidence of animal abuse and cruelty.
What Animals Go Through
To paint a more vivid picture of how animals are abused, the Humane Society categorized animal cruelty under the following categories:
1. Animal abuse and neglect – deliberately hurting animals through beating, shooting and other forms of violence is animal abuse. Studies also found that people who deliberately hurt animals also tend to be aggressive and violent towards other people. On the other hand, neglect is the condition when the animals’ physical, emotional and social needs are not met or delivered by their owners. When animals are not provided with a proper home, veterinary attention and food, they can suffer as much as abused animals.
2. Dogfighting – makes a spectacle out of dogs fighting each other and fighting for their own lives. Pet owners gamble their lives’ pets for money. Dogs that lose the fight are intentionally killed while dogs who win incur wounds and bites that can ultimately lead to their deaths.
3. Cockfighting – similar to dogfighting, roosters in the cockpit are also subjected to the stresses of gambling, wounds and punctures. Roosters, by nature, are not really aggressive towards one another. However, humans enjoy the fight, while the roosters suffer the consequences.
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