Sex Confessions

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Fond of prying on other people’s sex adventures? Our guests confess the naughtiest deeds of steamy and orgasm-inducing sex that’ll leave you with desires of wanting it too.
Lusty Encounter with the Bartender
A couple of hours after a bad break up with my boyfriend, I decided to drown my sorrows in vodka.  I drove alone for a couple of hours and picked a random bar. I sat on one of the stools at the counter and ordered my poison. A handsome bartender handed me a shot of vodka. He had a dimpled smile and sexy dark blue eyes. Since it was still early and the bar had but a few customers, the bartender and I began talking. He asked what a lonesome lady was doing late in the afternoon drinking shot after shot of vodka. I told him about the break up and sympathized.
He then told me that it was the last hour of his shift and asked if I wanted to forget about the heartbreak. Tipsy and light-headed, I said yes. He gave me a mysterious nod and smiled, then whispered “meet me at the back alley.” The back alley was dark and deserted and I was pleasantly surprised as hands grabbed my waist and came face-to-face with the bartender. We immediately started kissing as our hands busied exploring each others’ bodies. While kissing the length of my neck, his palm went south and found my already wet mound. He slipped one finger, then two, while sucking at my nipple. He lifted the hem of my dress, extracted my panties and had my back lean to the wall. He kneeled before me and began playing and dipping into my juices. My mind was already whirling with the alcohol and ecstasy and all I could think of was getting the length of his manhood out.
I promptly unzipped his pants and devoured his dick. He gently pulled at my hair in happiness. After we were both satisfied with the blowjob, he entered my pulsating vagina doggy style. He grabbed at my breasts while kissed my neck and exposed back. We did that for several minutes until we were both spent and satisfied. After that night, I would still randomly drop by the bar for drinks and our own “happy hour.”
Doing it Illegally with the Paralegal
I was staying late at the law firm reviewing an important case. As was about to get coffee from the pantry, I saw Daisy, one of our pretty paralegals, coming in. She said she forgot the key to her apartment in her drawer. Daisy searched for the key and bent down on the top drawer in her cubicle. I was standing just a few feet at the back while making small talk, and as she bent, her skirt rode up, giving me a good view of the portion of her butt.
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