Sex in Today’s Modern World

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Sex – one of the main drives behind many of humankind’s actions and of the animal world’s actions.
We don’t just have sex to reproduce, and neither do animals. Both we and they like to engage in sex for pure pleasure, and fun!
In case you aren’t having a lot of reproductive sex, but you’re instead having a lot of casual sex – that’s alright. Animals do it too.
Take for example, a couple of captive bears from Croatia, who in six years had oral sex 28 times. No reproduction there, just pure pleasure.
Plus, as long as you are not harming anyone – what’s the harm in it? Sex has always been sex – done for reproduction and pleasure. Probably from before we were Homo Sapiens.
Our more savage ancestors have had sex to produce offsprings – otherwise we wouldn’t be here today – and most surely have had it for pure pleasure too. How could they have not?

Then as we rolled through the years, decades and B.C. and A.C. sex stayed the same. During Victorian times sex was somewhat different – it barely existed, for other purposes than reproduction.
Women were encouraged to reject their husband if he wanted to have sex for fun or pleasure. Not to mention, there were a lot of chastity belts and even weird devices to stop men from masturbating.
Other than that, sex in today’s modern world isn’t much different from how it used to be. Let’s have a look how.
What’s Basically The Same With Sex?
Casual Sex Still Exists
The first and foremost – casual sex, is still a big part of society and practiced by – almost all members of it. It’s alright to have sexual needs and feel them – we all do.
Sex is at the bottom of the pyramid of needs and one of the physiological ones. It stands right next to air, food, and sleep.
It is a big deal.
Maslow thought it – and he is one of the most renowned psychologists.
Sex is one of our most basic needs, and unless you satisfy it, you’re not really able to do much. You’ll have a hard time satisfying your needs for belonging, esteem, or self-actualization if you’re not…getting some.

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