Sex more Than Ever: A Mantra to Embrace in 2021

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It’s an odd day and age we live in. Ever since COVID 19 kicked on our doors, society has changed from its core. But, with everyone being pushed into isolation and between four walls, there was enough room for an old and beloved practice to come back into the game. Yes, we are, indeed, referring to sex – and the good kind. It’s not to say that great sex ever went away, but in times as secluded as these, it might be one of the rare sources of genuine satisfaction and fulfillment.
What’s not to love about sex anyway?
When done right, it’s all fun and games, and can amplify your overall pleasure – in bed and outside it. So, let’s pay homage to the art of lovemaking and give it extra emphasis on making it a habit in 2021. We’ll talk trends, benefits you might have never heard of as well as ways to spice up the action between the sheets even further.
Buckle up and let’s dive in.

How Having Sex More Than Ever Benefits You?
Ah, the everlasting benefits of top-notch ruffling of the sheets. When it comes to great sex, pleasure and orgasms are not the only benefits of it. Countless studies have shown that sex is very well able to impact other areas of your life as well. This, of course, gives hot pillow talking the upper hand in feel-good practices. As for what it does for your overall welfare, regular sex can:
•Reduce blood pressure and make you calmer
•Fortify your immune system
•Keep you in shape and active
•Encourage heart health and diminish risks of cardiovascular issues
•Amplify your self-esteem and self-image
•Reduce anxiety and depression
•Boost the libido and stamina
•Pose as a natural and prompt pain reliever
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