Sex Then and Now…How sex is different now from years ago

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We have been doing it since the beginning of time. Birds do it, bees get down to it since the beginning of time. The question is how has the cat transformed from year to year, decade to decade and how is going to be short. Has the cat changed? Are we doing better or worse? One thing that has transformed through the years is the fact that people now agree on the sex participation in their lives. Humans have been the same when it comes to the anatomy. So it’s true when we say that if we enjoy now so did our ancestors and everyone.
The younger generation is more likely to admit that it’s okay to have sex before marriage than our previous generations. Some of these things are brought about by the changes in social and sexual rules which have brought about surprising trends. There has been a lot of changes in our generation that have apparently shifted the act for the better.
The Orgasm Gap Is Closing, Thank God
If we get to the climax on the women, lesser straight women are achieving orgasms than straight men. A recent survey published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour revealed that about 95 percent of the straight men reach the climax, but only 65 percent of the women climax during intimacy. A study conducted in 2015 brought a comparison that 85 percent of the women receive orgasm. Things could be shifting for the better when it comes to orgasms.

Anal Sex Is More Popular
By 1992, about 16 percent of the women from 18 to 24 of ages had had their forts anal sex. When it came to 2010, the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that the number had gradually grown to 40 percent. In the older days, anal was only done secretly by the gay guys who were in the closest. With the rate that people are indulging in anal sex, all we can hope is that it will not be normal that women will be pressured to get themselves into. It is okay if you want to explore your sexual desires and fantasies.
There Are More Sex Toys Every Day
In 1990, it was very hard to hear about sex toys except for dildos which apparently introduced in the 14th century. As we speak, numerous sex toys can serve all purposes. From crystals you put in your vagina, unicorn horn dildos, vibrators made to close the orgasm gap to absolutely anything you will need.
Cyber Sex Has Gotten Easier
Long distance is the thing that has been revolutionized by technology. Before 2002, Skype was not a thing. With its emergence, the long-distance relationship has become workable partners in long disgrace relationships can now video chat and go to the extent of using toys together. Some of the products that have made this possible are the Max, And Nora Long Distance Sex Toys Set and We-Vibe Sync have made this relationship possible.

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