Sex Tourism in Vientiane,Laos

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Vientiane, the capital city of Laos – small landlocked-country in Southeast Asia – thrives on prostitution. This is the fact you’ll most likely stumble across every time you Google ‘Vientiane, Laos’.
But the thing is that, just like Laos’ Eastern neighbor, Vietnam officially bans not only the sale of sex services across the country, but also any kind of cohabitation between Laos citizens and foreigners if the two are not married.
But prostitution is one of the most major revenue source for the country with the population of nearly 7 million, which is why cashed up locals and foreigners less and less frequently get hit up with huge fines for sleeping with Laos nationals for money in their hotel room.
Meanwhile, the government doesn’t seem to shut down a number of publicly known venues that serve as places to pay for sex in Vientiane. And even though the sale of sex is outlawed across Laos, foreigners, and particularly Asian businessmen from China, Vietnam and Thailand, come to Vientiane only for the reason to pick up a prostitute.
Vientiane is a small city, but when compared to cities like Bangkok, which also thrives on sex scene, it can be even said that it’s a tiny city. And even though the city looks innocent from the outside, on the inside it’s a vicious and wicked city.
So when male visitors come to Vientiane to find a lady for a night, they often think the city is not as vicious as people say it is. But when you know where to look, you start seeing the whole picture.
One thing is certain: dating websites are not an effective way to hook up with a prostitute in Vientiane. And while some freelance working girls still operate through Asian dating websites, it’s far easier for foreigners to hook up with local prostitutes at a variety of clubs and bars that have already established a solid reputation for selling sex services.
At about 6 or 7pm, right when the working day ends, local men and foreigners start heading to a small rooftop bar in Bor Pennyang, a building that is widely popular in Vientiane for being the easiest place to hook up with a prostitute.
But the problem is that Bor Pennyang closes early (as for sex scene) – at midnight. Prostitutes and clients that haven’t found their match for the night head to a local club, not far away from the bar, called At Home. Every local cab driver knows this place as the largest after-midnight venue of prostitutes. And that’s the favorite destination of many Asian businessmen who come to Vientiane to have fun.
At Home is a rather small club, which is why it gets quite crowded in there after midnight. This place is full of prostitutes and freelance working girls looking for foreigners that are attracted by low prices on drinks. However, the place is also popular for its abundance of transgender working girls, which is why awkward situations often occur there (well, technically not there in the club, but at places where those trans working girls are taken afterwards).
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