Sex trends in 2020 By Udeni

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When it comes to sex, it does not stay the same way every time. It evolves too! What you saw people interested in 2019 might not be the same in 2020. Yes! Thankful to the surveys conducted by several websites and organizations, we can list the biggest sex trends of 2020 as follows.
1. CBD Lubes, massage lotions, and sprays
It is the time to put away your usual lube which is strawberry flavor or anything else and start to use CBD lubes as it helps to do great in bed! Most of the common lubes just help in maintaining moisture or necessary lubrication to reduce friction (thus the pain) during penetrative sex. And yes, it may provide a good stimulation in oral sex due to the specific flavor. But, have you ever thought of using lube to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and relaxation of genital organs during sex? We know that common lubes are incapable of doing these, but CBD lubes can do!
CBD massage lotions are also available which increase blood circulation in the body once absorbed to the bloodstream well. The sprays act as same as the other sprays used to improve sex experiences but CBD sprays do the ‘thing’ well than most other sprays. Massage oils can be used by both men and women. The CBD oils are a perfect solution for men having erecting issues also for those who finish quickly in bed because the effects are long-lasting when compared to the other products we see in the market. CBD massage oils especially increase the sensitivity of the parts being massaged so it can help women to orgasm if they particularly having difficulties in orgasming during sex.
Cannabidiol is legal in most of the countries now as long as they are used for non-illegal purposes. So, you can just buy some CBD lubes, sprays, or oils you see in high street shops. Go for it!
2. Cannabidiol edibles
Cannabidiol products for sex life trends in 2020 are not limited only to lubricants. The reason why we listed edibles separately from CBD lubes, massage oils, and sprays are that edibles set not only physical requirements for a sex session but also the mental requirements too. CBD edibles are produced to increase blood flow as other products but it also sets your mood for better sex, The CBD edibles reduce the stress, anxiety including performance anxiety hence increasing sexual pleasure as you have never had before.

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