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Human sexuality, as we all know, has evolved throughout history and today, sexuality has become more and more complex. People tend to want to label or sort of put a box around sexual preference, but sexuality is much more complex than simply sorting it in boxes or labeling it. There are many theories as to why sexuality in people differ. It’s also not only about sex. Sexuality is a combination of our values and beliefs, of who we are, what we believe, relationships and even the way we express ourselves through body language.
Sexual Orientation
Biological predispositions are elaborated on culturally. In popular culture, the belief of gays, for example, is explained from a gay “gene.” But is sexual orientation your identity? Is it genital arousal or who you have sex with, what you’re attracted to? Most sex researchers believe that what you’re thinking about when you are masturbating is where your sexual orientation lies.
Most people like to use single terms to easily define us: gay, queer, heterosexual, androgynous, transsexual, transgender, and so on, as opposed to being mostly gay, mostly straight, sometimes bi, sometimes not, etc. The ambiguity or fluidity to the definition of what we are will create a type of conflict if you behave in a way that is not the same as what you think you are or others perceive you to be. These categories are constantly being redefined. In the past, the theory of being gay, for example, was either an illness, a sin or a crime, but now is widely accepted in our daily lives.
Much of America appears to have accepted the validity of these alternative sexual identities mentioned above, but, in part, around the question of choice. It seems that most people, particularly Americans, tolerate the biological genetic factors, hormonal factors, etc. over what is believed as choice of sexual identity.
The question of biological genetical, hormonal factors vs. choices that people make involve many different aspects relating to sexual identity and choice. Nothing is static from the time we’re born. Puberty eventually hits and the biological events happen in addition to the events in our outside world which affect our decisions and choices.
Gay men might be somewhat perceived as more feminine in some ways and aggressive more like women. In terms of who they are attracted to, on the other hand, interest in visual pornography or interest in multiple partners, young partners, physically attractive partners, gay men seem as masculine as straight men.
Are we also choosing who we are attracted to? Are we attracted to male bodied individuals or female bodied individuals? Can we choose to act on those feelings? We can make choices about behaviours and identities, but generally we don’t choose what attracts or arouses us. It’s basically a matter of discovery.
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