The Shiny New Toy Syndrome

by admin

The gleaming, glorious Matchbox Race Car beckons to him from the display case sitting up high on the counter, like an altar where beauty is enshrined. The little boy presses closer, trying to merge his being with the space where his desire awaits. His face is glowing with anticipation and inside his chest, his heart beats like drum as the moment edges closer. His mother asks “Is that the one,” pointing to the car he wants with all his soul. Unable to speak, his throat so closed with emotion, he can only nod. A soft smile forms on his mother’s face and she gestures to the store clerk. He knows what is expected of him. A pristine Matchbox Race Car in an equally pristine box is extracted reverently from behind the display case and is carefully placed into a bag. After a mundane exchange of monies, the prize is bestowed upon the little boy with all the ceremony of a sacred ritual. He beams more brilliantly than the sun, the joy of his life held tightly in his eager hands.
All during the ride home, the little boy thinks of endless and sundry ways he will play with his Shiny New Toy and upon his arrival, he sets to it with fervent energy. The afternoon is a whirlwind of exciting and delightful schemes where he arrays his Toy in encounter after encounter, tableau after tableau, each more wonderful than the last. A radiant sun in a lapis sky stabs down and makes the chrome on the Toy’s body sparkle as magnificently as any diamond, the rich tones of the paint blaze with a lustrous beauty that only he can truly appreciate, as he plays with his Toy in a manner that blends love and possessive bliss in equal measure.
His mother’s call to dinner brings the afternoon of pure delight to an end, the sun dipping to the horizon and shades of evening creeping out of the corners of the backyard and crawling across the lawn to the house. Once inside, the boy places the Toy on the Newell Stand next to the staircase leading to the second floor and he goes to wash up. At dinner, the little boy waxes eloquent to his Mother and Father about his afternoon with his Shiny New Toy. They listen indulgently, gentle smirks on their faces, for they have heard this animated litany before. Dinner ends, evening TV shows beckon to the boy and for a couple of hours he loses his reality in Westerns and Science Fiction dramas that he loves with a fierce excitement. Each week there is a new adventure, but each and every week he wishes he didn’t have to wait seven days to find out what the next part of the story is going to be. He really doesn’t like waiting.
By the end of the evening, the little boy is yawning and his sleepy eyes are closing of their own accord. His mother leads him upstairs, tucks him in and kisses his forehead before heading back downstairs to finish her evening tasks. Before doing anything else that she knows needs her attention, she retrieves the brand new Matchbox Race Car from the Newell Stand and brings it to the little boy’s toy box in the den.
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