Have Sizzling Sex without Getting Caught

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Out of the many possible reasons that lead you to cheat, one stands out the most: dissatisfaction in sex life. If you are not satisfied with your partner’s performance, you can never be completely content in your relationship. But say you have kids and you don’t want your marriage to fall apart because of that single fault, so you look for ways to have sizzling sex with somebody else without getting caught.

Yes, it may sound like an almost impossible endeavor but if you are careful about your decisions and you distance yourself from emotions, you should be able to accomplish your cheating goals. Here are some tips on how to have a hot sex life with someone else without getting caught by your spouse.



Tip #1: Keep your focus.
Bear in mind that you’re just after the sex. Focus on that goal and never let any feelings get involved. If you’re looking for a cheating partner, look for someone who won’t talk. Choose someone that is liberated when it comes to affairs and make sure that this person will stick to the rules.

The best place that you can begin your search is online. Go to some dating websites and start chatting. To not get caught while doing this, limit your online activity to certain times – when your partner is not around to notice.

Tip #2: Lay down the rules.
Be honest to your lover even before you get to bed. Tell her or him that you are just after the sex and that you are married. If your lover accepts the no-strings-attached proposal, then go ahead and start sneaking around with him. If not, move on and find another lover.

Tip #3: Never use your phone or email to communicate with your lover.
Calling your lover through your phone, exchanging indicative messages over email is probably the dumbest thing that you can do. Your spouse may check on your phone every once in a while and if you gave him or her your password, he/she would check your email and Facebook account too. So if you’re playing with someone else, it’s best to keep those lines clear.


Now if you must talk to your lover to set a date and a place to get down and dirty, use the payphone. Your     spouse surely can’t track the phone calls you made from there. And if you must email your sex partner, use a public computer and do not forget to delete the message from your sent item and your trash box. Also, tell your lover not to reply to your email.

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