The Soul of a Model

by admin

Like the multitudinous and iridescent patterns of color in an Opal, the True Model is all glittering brightness and beauty on the outside, with hidden complexity and depth lying just under the surface. Unlike other precious gems, hers is not a clear-cut geometry and so she is not easily understood. Rather she is mercurial and changeable, always shifting in hues and tones when held up to a different light. But like that uniquely beautiful stone, she is delicate and fragile and must be treated with a special understanding and care if she is to shine as brightly as possible.
It seems a strange juxtaposition to compare an Opal and a Professional Model, but there are so many parallels that are so poignant and applicable. Models are some of the most talented, complicated and fascinating women on the planet and yet they can be inconstant, temperamental and volatile. Underneath all the complicated facades and masks that are created as defense mechanisms to address the intensely intricate nature of their souls, there are some wonderfully praiseworthy elements. True models are passionate about their art, have a fathomless need to see their beauty part of something Bigger and Better than just being in pictures and they long for a chance to leave behind something that transfigures those who are lucky enough to see just how special and beautiful their imagery can be.
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Beauty in and of itself is important to the True Model, but it is not enough. She desires affirmation for her beauty and sensuality, but also knows that simple popularity brings no real gain or progress. Beauty must be sculpted and crafted with effort, devotion to excellence and hard-won experience, with the one dream worth pursuing of seeing Her Beauty be that ladder to Modeling Success. Being told she is pretty is delightful, but it creates no opportunities, produces no tear sheets and brings in no revenue from jobs well done. The True Model blends ambition, dedication and a Joy of The Craft. Being in front of the camera is an understandable rush and thrill, seeing beautiful pictures is a justification of her need to be beautiful, but neither of these fill the soul for long and she is keenly aware of that. It is accomplishment in all the avenues of Modeling Achievement that validates her existence and brings a sense of true happiness.
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