Spring’s Undeniable Romance

by admin

Model – Absinthe Heart
Spring brings a change to the hearts of Men and Women, which become as cold as the short, miserable days of January. The very nature of Winter is that grim battle to evade the icy touch of those dark and gloomy days. So we wrap ourselves in blankets, bundle up in thick, warm clothes, barricade ourselves in our dwellings, eat “comfort” food, do little and wait with baited breath for Spring’s arrival. And as such, we lose touch with our sensual sides, the aspects of our hearts and minds that celebrate sexuality, confidence and the desire to attract the attention of the opposite gender. But like all facets of our humanity, what is lost is soon to be rediscovered when the proper stimulus is proffered. Spring comes with stimuli aplenty and we respond in like tone.
Spring stealthily arrives in the beginning days and brings with it stronger sun, warmer temperatures, green grass, bright flowers and budding trees. Men think of getting outside and playing sports like golf or baseball, going fishing or hiking. Women enjoy some or all of these pastimes too, but women think in ways unfathomable and alien to men, one of which is what clothing to adorn their beauty now that Spring is here. Some of the reasons for wearing new garb is simply to assuage that never-ending and inexorable pull to feel pretty, which is at the heart of being a woman. But another reason why women spend time and effort aplenty to find just the right Spring attire is to capture the attention of Men, hold that attention in absolute assuredness that it cannot be broken by any force in nature and then wind that interest tightly with promises of romance, passion and love.
And so the Spring landscape is dotted with flowers galore and with feminine blossoms showing more skin than has been seen since last summer. Pretty dresses, playful tops and sexy shorts, all carefully considered to best showcase the strengths of any woman’s arsenal of beauty are unleashed with flair and spirit upon the brighter days after the Equinox. And Men respond, as heads turn sharply, eyes widen, breathing rates increase and blood pulses through all the vessels of the body. It is a tantalizing game of catch as catch can, but one with purpose and an important part of the plan of Nature and Life. For just as wildlife begin their mating season, Men and Women engage in a dance as old as time but updated by the nuances of popular culture and the material world.
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