Star Person: A George Michael Tribute

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Each of us within ourselves create our own worlds and when a man dies, that world dies with them: a person is not just a person but a legacy that he leaves behind. George Michael lives among us even today. He lives on as the musician, as a lover and more importantly as the rock star that he really, truly was. While Michael wasn’t any less controversial a figure but to him it didn’t matter as long as he felt free. Freedom of expression was important to him and his life choices were a testament to the fact.
George has had the chance to touch so many of our lives through his music and his oh-so-casual attitude towards life. He was a man of integrity and strongly held principles who knew no boundaries and who knew how to be comfortable in his own skin- Michael couldn’t care less for people’s judgment of his music or career. He believed he was living the life most people wanted but didn’t have the courage to build and for his freedom, to be able to do as he pleased, he made no apologies. Let us take a walk along memory lane to see just the man George Michael was.
‘Wham’ into Fame
Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, and believe me that’s his name, entered into the music industry with his high school friend, Andrew Ridgeley who shared his love for pop music. What started out as a high-school musing, landed the duo to sign with a record company in 1982 under the band-name Wham! The duo created magic with their music and were soon a great hit among the young girls. Michael stayed with the band until he sang ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ with Elton John and decided to ‘go solo’, in 1986.
It worked well for him when he decided to split from the band because he was a brilliant and prominent song-writer and singer. After he recreated his image from a young punk boy to a manlier and edgier look, he went on the record several successful albums and made himself into the George Michael we know today. His first solo album set the pattern for his career in years to come: Faith was full of novel yet controversial music which people loved to hate and hated to love. The single ‘I Want Your Sex’ was way ahead of its time in the late 1980’s but Michael wasn’t afraid to put his thoughts into words and his words into music that wouldn’t escape their lips for eternity to come.
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