Stopping Sexist Trolls

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How to Stand Up Against Misogynist and Sexually Demeaning Persons Online
The internet was initially a place to connect, interact and socialize. Later on, it also became the environmental melting pot for antagonistic behavior where people who hide in animosity can bring other people down by their demeaning comments.
The term trolling refers to the antagonistic behavior or act of people online. Trolls bash people with their derogatory remarks regarding race, sexuality among other things. Trolls often take pleasure in their anonymous mischief and getting an irritated, and sometimes threatened reaction from their victims.
According to author Whitney Philips, Ph.D., trolls “ reveled in disrupting as many people’s days as possible. As a result, trolls were regarded by many as the primary deterrent to a kinder, more equitable Internet.” Philips also pointed out that “women are simply not as visible, or as valued, within the energy sector.”
And if we’re going to make sense of what Philips is trying to say, it’s easy to see why trolls like to do what they do and why they like to target women. Trolls most likely think it’s fun to bring down you self-esteem through their carefully-worded destructive comments and it brings them pleasure to see their victims being affected.
Ariana Grande Defends Herself Against Online Trolls
Women, in particular, are prone to becoming victims of online trolls, especially of abusive sexist remarks. Trolls can specifically pick on celebrities with no problem. Celebrities are public figures and whatever they post online can easily be seen by anyone, including trolls. But being public figures doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand up for what you believe in and defend yourself against the hurtful remarks.
It’s just a good thing that personalities like Ariana Grande knows how to stand for herself and put their trolls into their places.
April of last year, Ariana released her music video on “Dangerous Woman.” While fans were happy to see and hear their idol’s work of art, trolls are fast to slam her, calling the video as too sexual. One of the troll’s explicit opinion over the MTV said “Ariana all respect, but dangerous woman I loved but the trouble is that in he [sic] video salts like a whore!…sorry for the rudeness, I only just said the truth…SORRY.”
To which, Ariana replied “when will people stop being offended by women showing skin/expressing sexuality? men take their shirts off / express their sexuality on stage, in videos, on instagram, anywhere they want to…all. the. time.” The artist also criticized the prevalent double standards women suffer from when it comes to expressing sexuality, noting that women should be able to express themselves online and offline without judgment.
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