Summer Travel Deals

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Summer is just around the corner but you still haven’t decided where your next holiday is going to be! Money is tight, but you can’t just stay home and not go anywhere to relax and get the routine off your back. So here are some ideas for the best summer deals 2016. The following places are just proposals, just to give you an idea of what you should be looking for, in order to have an inexpensive holiday.
Camping is and probably always will be the most economical option for holidays. So here are some places where you can go camping this year:
Firstly, from my own personal experience I highly recommend a Greek island called Samothrace. Samothrace is the ideal island for vacation with very few expenses. It has a small town that you can see in just one day. But the main parts and attractions of the island are the naturally formed lakes in which end the waters of waterfalls, these lakes are called “Vathres.” More than 100 in that small island and each one more beautiful than the other, their cold waters do not stop the visitors from swimming and enjoying a very refreshing dive. Most people stay in “Therma,” a small community that also has public baths. In Therma, free camping is very common in the forest just above the beach and in the mountain in which it leads you to the “Vathres.” So if you are up to climbing to enjoy the cold fresh waters of the mountain, Samothrace is the place to be!
If you are looking for a more populated place to rest for this year’s vacation, then Praia de Melides beach in Portugal is the right option. The beautiful sandy beach backed by pine forests gives an ethereal touch while the beach cafes add a civilized feeling. Along the sugary sands there are hidden camping spots for you to discover and set your tent. In case you want a change of scenery, there are plenty of other beaches to visit, such as Comporta Beach and Praia da Aberta Nova. In just 26.3 km there is the city of Grandola in which you can visit the Mining Museum Lousal and the Troia Golf Course. Then in the evening you can enjoy a lovely dinner at Restaurante a Espiga or A Talha de Azeite, two of the best restaurants in the city of Grandola.
If you live in the USA or you want to go there for your vacation, Naples, Florida just might be the ideal place for you. Florida has a ton of state parks where you can spend the night either in a tent or a cabin, but Birdon Road is a free campsite just 37.7 miles away from Naples. Once you’ve settled you can start your vacation by making a trip to Naples Beach and then visit Naples Botanical Garden. In the evening you can go to Naples Pier to watch the sunset and later go for dinner at the Rip Tide Brewing Company or Third Street South. There also a lot of parks that you can visit such as Cambier Park and Freedom Park.
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