Where Are You Off To This Summer?

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It’s time to again to bring out your bikini, straw hats and sunblock. The summer heat of 2014 is definitely on! After the long cold months of winter burrowed in your thick clothes and snowbound in your homes, what better way to enjoy spring and usher in summer than to go out and bask in the sun.

If last year’s summer was spent barbequing and eating cold drinks in your backyard or lounging by the pool, why not try a new adventure this year? With the sun and the cloudless, clear skies, you’ve got a wide-range of places to choose from and a variety of activities you can engage in.

And while a European cruise is an experience in itself, ther are also other attractions that are within budget. Asia is a rich continent with countries offering unique sights and experiences. Check out our 4 favorite destinations in Asia for this summer!

The Beach

  •  Hit the sandy, white beaches of Boracay Island, Philippines. The Philippines actually offers many other beautiful beaches but Boracay definitely tops both the locals’ and foreigners’ list. In fact, the famed white beaches of Boracay made it      to last year’s top 10 beaches in the world! Being in the tropics, anytime is a good time to hit the beaches in the Philippines, but the summer months from March to May are the best times to go to Boracay. Besides the beach (where you can spend an entire day swimming in its clear, blue-green waters), there are also other attractions and activities you can enjoy –from snorkelling, island visits to rides like parasailing and an ATV adventure. At night, hit the chic restos and bars and watch the fire dancers. But the best and cheapest attraction in Boracay is the sunset. It’s one of the most beautiful in the world.

 How to go and where to stay: From the international airport in Manila, you can catch a 45-minute domestic flight to Caticlan from budget airlines like Cebu Pacific and PAL Express. From Caticlan, take a 10-minute boat ride to the island itself. Hotels like Discovery Suites Boracay can be found along Station 1, while mid-range, cheaper accommodations are in Stations 1 and 2.

  •  Bask in the nature and culture of Bali, Indonesia. If you’re looking for more than the beach and the sun, head over to the island of Bali in Denpasar, Indonesia. Brave the waves and bring out your surfboards in the morning, have a chill breakfast in your hotel and treat yourself to a massage after. In the afternoon, explore the colorful culture of the island with a visit to the UluwatuTemple, a majestic temple set on top of a cliff. Finally, cap your day with a stop at Tanah Lot, a popular rock formation that is part of a pilgrimage temple for the locals and watch the sunset. Experience also the local life with a visit to the rice paddies dotting the countryside and the coffee plantation in Bali Pulina, or simply bike ride around the town of Ubud, said to be the heart of Bali.

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