The Bachelor’s Best Life

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The life of a bachelor is sweet, happy and fun. But to be a bachelor and wealthy one at that, life becomes luxurious and carefree.
If you are a male, single and with a profession, you become a hot item in the dating market. Your friends and family will match you up with every single woman they know, hoping that someday you will decide to settle down; raise kids and live the life of a married man.
But with a substantial amount to your name, who wants that? You are single and wealthy, you can have all the fun and nobody can push you to do things against your better judgment. So if you are currently single and wealthy, here’s a guide to live life to the fullest.
Take a trip to just about anywhere. Family men will always have to consider their family first, so a luxurious trip would require saving up, on top of paying for the home mortgage, the kids’ education, extra food allowance for the next few weeks and the bills. But you are free, single and wealthy, so you can basically just jet off to Europe, Asia or any other exotic place. You don’t have to worry about booking your airline and accommodations, your credit cards can handle that. You also don’t have to worry about several days of absence without pay – it’s either you own the business or you just don’t have to depend on your salary for survival. So go ahead, tour the world and not worry about a thing.
You don’t have to worry about money. If you’re a family man, your wife nagging you over the bills could become a staple sound inside your house. In fact, it has become quite natural, like the sound of the crying baby when he is wet or hungry. Aside from not having a nagging wife and a noisy baby, you can live large inside your home knowing full well that all domestic duties have been handled by people you pay to do so. Perhaps you cleaning lady have already cleaned the pool before your guests arrive for the party; your personal assistant already went to the grocery to ensure that the fridge is brimming with your favorites, and your butler will just tell you “sir, your guests are here.” You pick up a tie, put a smile on your face and you’re ready to conquer the world.
You can date all the sophisticated single ladies. We emphasize the word “single” because if you choose otherwise, you will make your life complicated when it was simple and just plain luxurious. As a bachelor, dating high-profile society girls is not a surprise. You can impress them with jewelry or a tour to your massive mansion. You can take them to your trips and flaunt them to your friends. Of course, it’s not like you are buying these women. You are “on” the market without having to tell them what your future plans (about marriage and non-marriage, etc) are, but you being single and wealthy have just an added appeal to it.
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