The Best Winter Getaways

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It’s winter season again and it’s time to think about where to spend your time away from your hectic daily routine. Whether you want to take to the slopes or relax and take it easy, we’ve put together a few of the best winter getaways to choose from:
Pitztal Valley, Austria. Austria has some of the world’s most fantastic mountains tucked away in the Alps, Europe’s main range of mountains, which span over France, Italy, Austria and Slovenia. One of the most impressive ski resorts has got to be Pitztal Glacier, Austria’s best and highest glacier ski resort. The Pitztal Valley lies at around 3,400 meters above sea level and you’ll find excellent conditions on the slopes during the winter months. You’ll ski in powder fields here on a 1,500-meter run which takes you from Mittagskogel mountain down into the valley.
You must visit Wildspitze, the highest peak, where the Wildspitzbahn state-of-the-art cable car will take you up to find an impressive, architecturally sleek ski lodge, which shape was inspired by the surrounding snow-capped mountains and its curves harmonize with the snowscape. Sit and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps while enjoying lunch or sipping on a hot cup of coffee at the CafĂ©. The curvilinear structure is made from steel and aluminum, bringing in natural light through it’s double height floor-to-ceiling windows. A wrap-around observation deck lines with a glass curtain guard allows you to take in the crisp air while enjoying the great views.
Accommodation in Pitztal is available for all occasions from hotels, flats, farm holidays and more!
Sedona, Arizona. Seclusion in a rustic cabin can make a very romantic winter getaway with your partner in beautiful, picturesque Sedona. Expect to be surrounded by lush forest while you snuggle up with your loved one by the fire, sipping on wine or a nice hot mug of hot chocolate. The winter months here are sometimes blanketed in a light layer of white snow over the layers of red rocks surrounding this magical place.
Take a stroll in Central Sedona and do some shopping while you enjoy the unique Holiday displays. At night, you’ll see the breathtaking light displays at Tinsel Town, Posse Grounds Park. If you want to spend Christmas away from blizzards, Sedona is the place to be as it rarely snows before January. Many outdoor activities can be enjoyed, including jeep tours of the backcountry and cliff dwellings. Southwestern galleries and artists display their artwork at the Festival of Trees at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village.
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