The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer

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The Blue zones of Earth are so-called geographic latitudes where people live longer lives and feel better than elsewhere. The phenomenon of “Blue Zones” has been studied for a long time by researchers who want to unlock the secrets of longevity of people who live there.
For example, such zones cover the south of the equator, the island situated to the south of Italy; the state in Southern California, and finally the island of Okinawa in Japan that is considered to be a record breaker due to its number of long-living persons. The average lifetime on the magic island is about 88 years for men and 92 years for women.
Once an idea occurred also to Dan Buettner, an American writer and traveler, due to which he travelled across the whole world; he was aiming to know what factors influence the longevity of these nations so much. In the course of his researches Dan’s come to the following conclusions:
1.Eat fish. It was noted by Greek scientists that depression is very rare among the population of Ikaria. So what is the reason? Nevertheless, the scientists found some unhappy people on the island that were always in a bad mood and they also found out that exactly these dissenters eat less than 11 pounds of fish per week (the average local’s diet). Others don’t begrudge themselves sardines, giltheads and sharks (the smooth dogfish can be caught very well in the shore of Ikaria), and that is why they receive sufficient quantity of omega-3 fatty acids.
2. Daytime sleep. The 84% of elderly population of Ikaria and everyone who has turned 90 practise an afternoon nap. Be aware that such a lifestyle reduces heart disease death rate by 37%. If your work schedule doesn’t let you relax during a day, you ought to sleep in the daytime on weekends or on holidays. What’s the ideal time to take a nap? Shortly after lunch. Don’t worry that you can spoil your coming night sleep with this. The afternoon siesta is rather an addition to your yesterday’s sleep.
3. Strengthen telomeres. Rosero-Bixby’s team studied blood samples of the elderly population of the Nicoya Peninsula and found out that they have longer telomeres viz. the ends of chromosomes. The scientists associate the length of telomeres with longevity in general, that is why you should avoid everything that can shorten them (like stress). Instead of buying things, spend your money on impressions. The research that was conducted in 2010 at Cornelian University, states that people feel less satisfaction but more sorrow, when analyze their material purchases (“Why did I purchase exactly this television receiver and not that one?!”), than when they recall their former experience, for example, going over the pictures taken during some travel.
4.Grow yourself. Cultivate the food by yourself in order to eat like people of the Nicoya Peninsula. First of all, the food from your gardens is healthier than the purchased one.
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