The Cancel Culture!

by admin

The notion that perhaps an individual might be “canceled” — that is, culturally barred from possessing a large huge position or profession — became a divisive subject of debate in recent years. The growth of “cancel culture” and the concept of canceling somebody follows a similar trend: a popular personality does or thinks anything objectionable. Negative publicity follows, which is frequently exacerbated by progressive social networks.
Then there are efforts to “cancel” the individual, essentially ending their employment or robbing them of any cultural cred, whether it’s by sanctions of their activity or punitive proceedings by an employer.
To the many individuals, the procedure of openly demanding accountability, and then trying to ban when hardly anything else works, has now become an essential component of social equality — a way of combating some of the massive power dynamics that very often occur among public officials with large systems and viewers and the segments of society in which their words and deeds could damage, thru the mass bargaining.
Conservative politicians and pundits, on the other hand, have rapidly adopted the concept that cancels culture has devolved into a nonsensical type of social media mob rule, rather than being a way of speaking truth to power. Several speakers, including President Trump, addressed cancel culture directly at the 2020 Republican National Convention, and one delegate resolution even specifically targeted the phenomenon, describing it as having “grown into erasing of history, encouraging lawlessness, muting citizens, and violating free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and speech.”
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