The Dark Side of Female Bodybuilders

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There is a dark side to everything. But while in some cases this dark side is merely a dark corner, in other cases this dark side is an entire room filled with eerie darkness.
And female bodybuilding is the latter. What many health experts have assumed for years actually turns out to be true. Female bodybuilding is an unhealthy and highly addictive activity.
And the evidence comes from a WBFF professional female bodybuilder, who made quite a stir on social media recently by posting a Facebook post and revealing the dramatic downside of bodybuilding.
Laura Leeson, who won her pro card in 2014, finally mustered up the courage to reveal the negative aspect of bodybuilding. And her revelations are huge, to say the least.
Although in her Facebook post, which has been shared thousands of times on the social media platform alone, Leeson said she didn’t regret competing in female bodybuilding competitions, she felt the need to open her soul about the dark side of this sport.
Leeson started her message by thanking her husband, Scott Leeson, for all the love and support she has received over the years of her bodybuilding career. And then on that sweet note, the pro bodybuilder moved on to explaining the nasty side of female bodybuilding.
In Leeson’s words, even though looking at her photos it may seem like bodybuilding is healthy and glamorous, some aspects of this sport prove that this is “one of the unhealthiest sports” out there.
Speaking from her own experience, Leeson points out that one of the major downsides of female bodybuilding is psychological problems that comes from the rabid desire to (first) achieve the lean look and then (second) maintain it onstage.
Female bodybuilders are living in fear
It’s the constant fear to gain weight and checking your weight and measurements twice a day that messes up with your mental health. Basically, female bodybuilders are more prone to living in fear of gaining weight than male bodybuilders, since it’s much harder for women to lose weight.
And Leeson admits that the desire to hold onto her ripped physique played a cruel joke on her mental health. The pro female bodybuilder says that even though she was extremely excited and happy about her win, in no way did it mean that she could start cheating with her diet or putting less effort into maintaining her lean body in the gym.
“I didn’t increase my calories gradually. I didn’t add carbs back in, I didn’t reduce my cardio or other training and therefore for was tired, hungry, miserable and hated myself.”
Although she was well aware that such lifestyle was not healthy and nor was it maintainable, she still continued to follow the low calories, low carb diet, while enduring great stress in the gym.
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