The Hottest Cannabis Stocks

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Since Cannabis has taken a turn over the past years and has become legal in more and more states, the industry has been showing a large growth like no other. Along with growth follows a potential for a booming market, which means that investing in cannabis stock is hot and it’s a great opportunity to invest right now.
Investing in cannabis can start out small, by putting up a few hundred dollars and investing in a minimal number of companies. With just a little bit of research into some of these cannabis companies, and identifying some of their stocks that you think will move, you’ll find a long-term potential for success within the marijuana market.
Of course, trading and investing is not without risk, so be sure to keep that in mind when choosing what stocks to invest in. Here are a few companies that are hot on the market right now:
Marapharm Ventures Inc. (OTCQ: MRPHF, CSE: MDM and Frankfurt: 2M0 zero), based in British Columbia, Canada
Cultivating, producing and distributing marijuana for Canada and the U.S., this company which will soon be reaching British Columbia, Washington State, Nevada, and California. Investors can acquire portions from at a low $2 per share. Momentum is expected to rise due to an early establishment in these regions. Early investment at a low cost will prove major benefits.
The company has experienced management along with sophisticated strategies which will lead to diversified products and profits. Multiple investments are expected here, not only for recreational and medicinal purposes but in dispensaries, hemp products, and automated vending machines. Their all-natural hemp oil called Maragold, is expected to be on the market this year.
Medical production in Canada, where use is already adopted, will make the investment process move quickly up the ladder. Once approved, Marapharm will begin production in the Province of BC through it’s planned facilities.
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