The Increasing Popularity & Sales of Vinyl Records

by admin

Some of us are old enough to remember playing our favourite music from a phonograph disc record or “vinyl record,” attentively placing the needle on the edge of the disc, while being careful not to make a scratch.
It seems like this almost extinct way of enjoying music is making a comeback as there is an increasing popularity and sales of vinyl records. Vinyl was the first material used to make recordings in the music industry and you’ll be surprised to find that people are taking an interest in this hundred-year-old technology once again.
Young people are getting more and more interested in purchasing vinyl. They say that there’s something about the physical side of it in which you physically put it onto a turntable which is better than simply clicking it on it from a flat screen. High school and college students are frequenting vinyl record stores and it’s surprising to know that nearly 50% of vinyl buyers are under age 35, 16% are between the ages of 18-24 and 33% are aged 25 to 34.
Ten years ago, you would find only a small row of albums in a shop, but now, vinyl fills up an entire shop and some shops are beating CD sales.
Albums containing two to three records can run about $35 and a single can run for about $5 to $10. There is a lot to be said about the convenience and portability of the new digital sounds available today, but, the analog sound you get from vinyl gives you the sound comparable to a live performance, say, at the local band in a bar or at a concert. A digital recording doesn’t capture the complete sound wave like a vinyl record can.

Sometimes surface noise will occur if the record has not been cared for. Dust and imperfections in the pressing can cause a crackling sound.
“Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise… I said, “Listen, mate, LIFE has surface noise.” – John Peel, BBC Radio
Vinyl is actually inconvenient, which makes it alluring. You have to have special equipment to play it, it’s not portable, you need to sit in a room to play it, but what it does is show people how much more you love music than the average person by enduring all these things.
The art of record collecting is becoming very popular and one aspect of it is the actual artwork on the cover of each album, which you simply don’t get with CDs. With vinyl, you get a cover, including the sleeve which has the lyrics written on them. When you download a tune, it’s an invisible file on your computer which is convenient, but there’s no relationship between you and something tangible; there’s even a distinguished smell to them.

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