The Judgmental Age

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Our world is soaring into the 21st century and, for all intents and purposes, humanity should be leaving behind more primitive forms of thinking and progressing into a more civilized state of being. Common sense and the accepted paradigm suggest that humans have spent many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years climbing the evolutionary ladder from the form of wild beasts to one of intelligence, self-control and mutual respect.
However, that appears to be far from the case as the attitudes and actions of multitudes of people continue to grow worse instead of better. You do not have to look far to see signs of this degradation as they are everywhere. We are inundated with images from multiple sources of media which daily offer reflections of this decay of humanity and which actually tend to compound the problem. These venues are constantly telling us that the reasons for our societal ills are due to the color of peoples’ skin, their religious and political views, whether they are rich or poor, their cultural background, and so on and so forth. It seems that humanity is rapidly moving into a judgmental age where everyone is expected and prompted to look down their noses at everyone else and suspect and accuse them of evil rather than good.
The United States is becoming a tinderbox of judgmental fuel that is on the brink of exploding. The fuse of unsubstantiated suspicion and hatred has been lit and the flames are increasing in intensity as it burns ever closer to all out chaos. Although harsh and unjust rulings have been made by judgmental people throughout history, it seems to have increased exponentially since the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the following “War on Terror” which has propelled society into polarized masses of individuals and groups pointing fingers at anyone and everyone that is different. We must seriously stop to ponder these types of results and ask ourselves why people on such a grand scale are becoming more judgmental instead of more tolerant and loving. The very survival of “civilization” as we know it increasingly appears to rest on discovering, acknowledging and solving this problem.
Judgment vs. Discernment
Before the causes and issues of judgmental attitudes can be analyzed and addressed, the very definition needs to be clearly outlined due to confusion over the term. People tend to wrap two very different forms of judgment into one lump meaning which is usually associated with negativity. Every single person on the planet makes “judgments” every day of their lives. Judgment is an inseparable part of making decisions, as the very essence of “making” a choice depends on “judging” between two or more options in order to select the best one according to what we know and feel. Judgments are made concerning where we go to school or work, what types of music we like, what activities we participate in, which wines we prefer, which route we take to work, etc. We even make “judgments” concerning who we associate with which, in many cases, is beneficial to our well-being.
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