The Meet N’ Greet

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Jane was just settling into a bit of her favourite TV shopping channel when she heard the front door go. She felt a warmth rush over her, as she knew that her husband was home from work. The couple had been married for near on six years but she still felt as though they were in their honeymoon period. They spent as much time together as they could and missed each other as soon as they were apart.
Jane went and found Laurence in the kitchen and gave him a peck on the cheek. He lifted her off her feet and twirled her around as had become his customary greeting of her over the years. Jane loved the feeling of the tight embrace and how safe she felt in his hands.
“Something smells good in here.” Laurence complimented his wife.
“Dinner’s in the oven. It won’t be too much longer. Why don’t you go and put your feet up.”
The dark haired man, dressed smartly in his suit and tie moved into the lounge and found the TV already on. He wasn’t surprised to be greeted by the familiar sounds of the shopping channel, Jane’s typical daytime viewing. Usually, he’d grab the remote and change the channel without a second thought, but Laurence found himself struck by the female host dazzling out of the TV screen. Jane followed him into the lounge and was curious to see the channel hadn’t yet been changed.
“She’s a looker,” Laurence remarked at Jane with a familiar sparkle in his eye. Jane took a seat next to her husband and proceeded to check out the lady on the screen.

She had seen the woman hosting shopping features on this channel once or twice before and had to admit that she had herself noted the beauty of the young lady. Her name was Holly Mosley and she had a real charm and charisma that made her such a brilliant TV personality. It was, however, her incredible body that Jane knew had caught her husbands attention. She knew her partner was a ‘leg man’ and those legs were something else. Long and well toned in some subtle black heels that further defined her muscular form. She was wearing a short deep blue dress that afforded you a good look from the thighs down. She had curves but they were subtle and she looked classy and elegant rather than tightly squeezed into a tiny dress. It was her beautiful face that was really drawing Jane into the screen. She had deep brown eyes that glistened whenever she smiled and when she looked into the camera, it seemed as though she was speaking directly and exclusively to Jane.
“Look at those legs” Laurence admired, jolting Jane out of her chain of thought. She had been well and truly engrossed in the beauty of the charming and smiley woman on the screen. She felt herself blush a little as she realised where her thoughts had taken her and registered a subtle pulsating sensation between her thighs.
“Yeah those legs are something else.” Jane agreed. “She’s got a great body from top to bottom, and there’s something about that smile.” She couldn’t help smiling herself as she talked about the woman. “Her lips look so juicy and inviting.”
Laurence turned to look at his wife. He had never heard her talk about another woman in such a way and the tone of her voice told him that was getting flustered.
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