The Parties Are Coming – Life After Pandemic Will Be Like Roaring 20s?

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Life with Covid-19 is a completely different and new experience for most of us (Yes, difficult too!). It is definitely not a very ‘welcoming’ experience though when considering the massive numbers of infected people and the death rates reporting from over the world. The pandemic does not seem like it will come to an end soon, the medical researchers predict the power of the virus will last until 2024 at the least. Most countries of the world now face economic downturns, psycho-social issues among the communities, and many other societal problems due to the pandemic causing everyone to go through financial hardships with unemployment, the major issue many people experience today.
Covid 19 has given us a lot of unexpected things lately, it develops powerful strains, increase social distancing, limiting the inter-relationships of people, and we never know what is to be expected next. With the many hardships people face today due to the pandemic, it seems impossible to think or imagine about the future, however, sociologists and medical experts predict how life would be after the pandemic (There is some good news!). According to them, life after the pandemic will be similar to the Roaring 20s with a huge economic boom and social development.
For those who know a little about the Roaring 20s, it is the economic and social boom that happened to start in 1920 after the most severe pandemic in history, H1N1 influenza caused by birds. It nearly infected one-third of the global population while the Covid-19 infected people count towards 5% of the global population, according to However, this 5% is not precise because of the doubts that exist regarding the reports from China. H1N1 influenza did last from 1918 to 1920, but soon the economy was restored in the USA and there was a huge success in African American literature afterward. This period is also known as the ‘jazz period’ because jazz music regained its popularity, even huge popularity than before after 1920.
Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a former hospice doctor, medical sociologist, and professor at Yale University who wrote the book Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live identifies the period until 2022 as the initial pandemic period where people will experience financial and psyco-social difficulties. He further claims,
“And until that time, we’re going to still have to wear masks. We’re going to have to physical-distance. There are going to be intermittent school closures and business closures and gathering bans. People are going to be worried still.”
He identifies early 2022 as the time people develop immunity to the virus as a community.
“But in early 2022, said Christakis, “we’ll reach a very important milestone, which is when we will reach something called herd immunity.”

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