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Why we are obsessed with a true-crime this much? True crime is a famous genre of podcasts but it is worth asking what the reasons are. Is there something in these killer series that keeps the audience continuously bound to the nature of crimes? You just need to check the TV listings and the Netflix new-in section to realize how true crime podcasts have made people addicted and we should appreciate the producers of these podcasts for being able to keep the audience engaging for such long time.
Dr. Sharon Packer, a professional therapist, and Asst. Clinical Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine in Mt. Sinai has conducted her research into why audiences are so deeply dedicated to the true-crime type. Though she acknowledges that plenty of her fellow doctor colleagues have been dealing with The Night Of lately!
According to Dr. Packer, it is human nature to getting some pleasure by seeing other peoples’ problems and suffering which are known as a schadenfreude in psychology. She explains this is the reason for people to become addicted to the crime series (so as True crime podcasts!).
She further explained “We all get angry at people, and many people say ‘I could kill them’ but almost no one does that, thankfully. But then when you see it on screen, you say, ‘Oh someone had to kill someone, it wasn’t me, thank God.’ And so there’s once again that same sense of relief that whatever kinds of aggression and impulses one has, we didn’t act on them, someone else did.”
Well, that sounds like a bit darker but she explains that is the truth…
Whatever the psychological explanations are going to be, we all still love true crime podcasts and here are some reasons why we love these killer podcasts according to our view.

1.Intensification of True Crime podcasts
Most people have claimed that they love True Crime podcasts just because the stories keep their attention without distracting even for a minute! Yes, true crimes can stick your nose into the screen of your TV, laptop, or mobile without even letting you know about what is happing outside your room!
The excitement true crime podcasts give you can never be compared to the pleasure of watching a romance movie!

2.New experiences!
True crime podcasts allow you to live in extremely hard situations in life but without facing them in reality. We do not want to be a part of a horrible murder but we love the fear and horrible feeling of that scene. That is the true nature of the True Crime podcasts!
Unforgotten and Dark Heart writer Chris Lang has told that “thrillers are a way of accessing quite often difficult subjects without having to live them in the real world. You go through the complexities of human struggles from a distance – that’s the nearest most of us want to get with them.


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