The Popularity of Webcam Modeling in Russia

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“International dating service offers girls a great chance to earn some money,” “Recruitment agency has an interesting well-paid online job for pretty girls and handsome guys,” “Young women and men of typical appearance are required for webcam model positions” – you come across such ads in printed and online media with increasing frequency.
Webcam modeling is a new trend in modern society, which arose amid the development of information technology and virtual communication between people. About ten years ago, a new amusement gained the popularity in the United States – video chats.
The way it works is simple: there are the so-called models, working on the website in different categories. Some of them show their talents in front of webcams: painting, playing a musical instrument, singing or dancing. Some even give aerobic classes or bake pies.
But the most popular categories are “erotic chats” with girls and boys, performing striptease and having frank talks about sex with users, who generously pay for such services.
Sit in bra in front of a webcam, smiling and writing intimate things in foreign language, and get considerable income. Such an offer becomes a more and more regular visitor of your mailbox along with other spam.
It turns out that this kind of internet business has been common in Russia for the past several years. Moreover, it gathers pace, appearing in almost every metropolis all over the country.
In fact, webcam business, or webcam modeling, is one of the branches of Russian underground porn industry. Besides, the industry is well developed. It has a particular framework, rules, slang and even manuals (!) on how to behave with “memes” (the way webcam models call their clients), and how to move forward, boosting your profits.
Social networks are really helpful in the searching process, as they provide you with photos, contact information and communication means to get in touch with a person you are interested in.
Of course, nobody will make you strip at once. For starters, they will feed you with tales about working in a modeling agency (and what girl doesn’t want to be a model?).
Once you submit your data, you will be told about the specifics of the work, which bases on the communication only. Sometimes, chatting is complemented with guitar playing. A kind of web talent show! The knowledge of the English language is mentioned as well. And to make a successful campaign, they pay you generously.
In such cases, you need to grasp the meaning of the job post. Sometimes, even a simple joke provides you with real information about the specifics of the job.
The most tempting about this offer is a high income promises. The recruiters stoop to anything, trying to persuade you.
According to the received information, in order to start working as a webcam model, you need to sign up with a special service, created for this very purpose. In a view of the fact that this kind of adult entertainment is illegal in the country, such websites work there, so to say, unilaterally. Each of them works for a particular territory and selects girls from the area with high demand.
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