The Power of Personal Expression in Fashion

by admin

It is amazing how much paper and ink are devoted to exploring the world of fashion in magazines, catalogs and even newspapers (where they still exist). On the surface, it seems such a trivial thing since clothing is just one of the simple aspects of life. We put it on, wear it and then take it off, all depending on the occasion and reasons for donning and doffing the garb we choose. But for thousands of years, since the earliest day of civilization, mankind has nurtured and carefully developed a fascination with fashions of all types. Our reasons for owning apparel can be as utilitarian as protection against the elements, all the way to true esoterica in our efforts to attract attention of the opposite sex. But we give an inordinate amount of time to our consideration of “what to wear”, especially in our youths and there is one reason above all why it matters so very much to us.
At the very heart of why fashion imagery is compelling to so many people is that it provides a window into the soul of whoever is wearing that attire. The choice of what is worn says a lot about tastes, ideals, inclinations and it implies even more about what lies beneath the surface of appearances. Sometimes fashions are meant to make a loud, bold statement. At other times, fashions are designed to be elegant, delicate whispers of concept and intent, as inscrutable as possible and thoroughly vague by design, to make the onlooker think and consider ad nauseum.

And then there are the trends in fashion and how they are often followed slavishly by devotees of the art, but often times there are courageous types who buck trends and show the ultimate determination to march to their own drummer, boldly going where no one else has gone before. Staying on the cutting edge of fashion and swimming their currents with skill and precision takes time and energy to stay abreast of what is out there. And when an ensemble is worn to perfection, its statement IS “I know what works, looks good and catches eye, and you should RESPECT my knowledge and skill in my choices”.
And it is because the wearing of something exotic, or stylish, or brassy or sophisticated does create talk, generates debate and stretches our sense of the ART of fashion; it has become a part of what we consider the culture of our modern society. Fashion says something about the times, the mores of the people, the politics of the era in which they live, the nature of the economy at the time and even our sense of what the future holds. So whether fashion speaks volumes about the individual wearing the threads of their choice, or it gently speaks to us about the nature of what happened at that particular time in a given decade, fashion IS a statement and one that is often worth listening to, if even for a few moments.

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