The Primal Pull of Spring

by admin

Model – Kelsi De Joux
The Return of Spring has a way of reaching into the darkest and mostly deeply buried corners of Man’s distant past and his pagan roots, searching for secrets that we don’t want to admit are lurking there. Prior to the advent of Christianity and for Millennia before, Spring was the time of the ultimate and most emotionally charged celebrations. Another Winter and had come and gone and the time of dearth and dread was past. Warmth, light, and growth had returned and the weight of the grim struggle for survival was briefly eased. Spring meant a gentler time that slid into the High Days of Summer with so much promise and positive outlook. Merriments at the Vernal Equinox and May Day codified that sense of renewed purpose and profuse thanks for living through yet another Time when Darkness ruled the land.
Each and every blossom that burgeons and flourishes towards fruit ignites a spark in the collective mind and soul of humanity, filling the heart with wonder that sometimes is beyond rational explanation. But our racial memory knows why we are so very tantalized by Spring’s Dawning. Game returns to the woodlands and meadows, fish surge up the streams and revisit shallow seaside coves, just as roots and herbs are accessible again now that the ground is warming and moist soil rich with life awakens. The awful time of want, when Autumn’s Harvest dwindled and ran dry is past and the pangs of hunger are soon to be over. As we step outside into the fresh air and warm sunshine, our hearts lift without full understanding of why something deeply familiar is triggered in our thoughts by Spring’s scents of freshness and cleanliness. But getting out of the communal or clan hovel meant a reprieve from disease and icy chill, both of which were the watchwords of the long, dreadful stretches of Winter when pestilence reached with rotting, skeletal fingers, empowered by the frozen and short days of the Dark Time. Spring’s arrival brings with it a sense of Rebirth and Joy unlike any other at any time of the Year. And it it was once celebrated with all manner of rites and festivals, all of which would be buried with time under shrouds of civilization that we wear to mask who and what we really are.
No matter how sophisticated and cultured we supposedly have become, Spring puts us in touch with a past that is engrained in our spirits that can never truly be erased by the veneer of progress. Science tells us that Man is an animal, akin to all the mammalian species on Earth. But it is our sense of the past that reminds us just how true that kinship is.
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