The Quest of Mind-Body Beauty

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The words and pictures of Gina Scuderi and Megan Jones
The quest for health of body and mind is a worthy but challenging goal. It takes a daily commitment to changing life habits, examining and re-examining personal methodology and public behavior. It requires an assessment of what really matters to a person, why it matters and whether it has value both in the material and spiritual sense. Most people like the thought of changing their lives, taking back control of the forces around them and remaking their outward appearance and inner landscape. Doing it is entirely another matter. Personal Trainer Gina Scuderi has done just that and now helps others to live the life they’ve dreamed. Megan Jones is her client and friend who is currently after that same goal of living the life that she has wanted. Theirs is a story worth telling and internalizing because it is the kind of experience that has been and will be transformative for all. We celebrate a significant stop along the way in the journey of both young ladies.
1. Gina, what lead you to get into the business of being a personal trainer? What are the three most important goals you have as a trainer?
I have had a life long struggle with my weight. I was always the fat kid in school that the other kids made fun of. In my 20’s I hit my heaviest weight, the most I remember being was in the mid 180’s and then I stopped getting on the scale, so I am not certain how much more I might have weighed. I can’t remember a time then when I wasn’t on some sort of fad diet or trying new diet pill that was out there. In my late 20’s – early 30’s I had lost some weight after crash dieting, but I still wasn’t happy with myself and that is when I made the decision to hire a personal trainer.
1. Megan, please tell us what prompted you to begin this journey of greater health and fitness? Where do you feel you currently are in the journey?
One morning, I woke up and decided that this was the year I would be serious about making my health and well-being my number one priority. For the past ten years, I have gone to numerous gyms, and tried many fad diets. I had little success because I never committed fully to any of them. When I started training with Gina, I found that sense of purpose and balance that really clicked.
In addition to my own commitment to self-improvement, Gina has made working out together something that I enjoy and look forward to. I feel that I am currently on a life-long journey of working to better myself, one day at a time.
You can read more of this interview in our April 2015 issue of ModelsMania

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