The Search for Satoshi Nakamoto

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Though few know his name, one man has had more effect on the future of finances all around the globe and that’s Japanese inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. His invention of the Bitcoin and solving of the age-old double spending problem that plagued digital currencies has forever changed the face of finance and financial security. Nakamoto himself has been notoriously elusive, however, with many believing him to be a made-up figurehead by a corporation or group, and indeed little has come forth to dispel these notions from the infamously quiet Nakamoto who has seemed to disappear since becoming involved with bitcoin at the end of 2010.
Personal Life
Little exists regarding what we know about Nakamoto’s personal life, with most of what the world does know coming from a P2P profile. The profile states that he was a gentleman living in Japan that was born on the 5th of April 1975. However, the total lack of information and some observable non-Japanese mannerisms that can be accumulated about Nakamoto has led to years of speculation about his life and if he is who he claims to be. Most people who review his posts on the bitcoin forum from 2009-10 and papers he has written find his English’s style to be a perfect match for someone who is a native speaker. This has formed speculation that the Bitcoin inventor is actually of European or North American descent rather than his claimed Japanese.

In direct contrast to this is how much we know about his work on Bitcoin. Nakamoto is known for popping up onto international radars in the October of 2008 when he wrote a paper on the mailing list of cryptography site titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System. This paper, which was the first description of the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin, also contained a major step forward for digital currency technology by describing a solution to the previous problem of double spending. Less than three months later in January 2009 the very first form of the Bitcoin software Source forge was released. In interviews and when questioned Nakamoto claims to have started coding for bitcoin in the year 2007, his usage of predictive scripts to support some transaction types was a component from the beginning. Nakamoto’s involvement ceased in 2010 when he handed off his duties to Gavin Andersen, responsibilities including the management of network code repository and Network alert key. In addition to his handovers to Andersen Nakamoto also made several essential bitcoin supporters owners of various related domains.

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