The Surge in Road Rage

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Road Rage – The surge in road rage has been rising in many cities and police are making their best efforts to put it to a stop. In America, 2021 is on pace to be a record-setting year for deadly road rage with increases in everything, like hand gestures to soccer mom’s to shooting you for cutting them off!
You’re driving and someone cuts you off on the road and you get upset. From that moment, everything escalates and the other driver pulls his gun out and takes a shot at you.

This kind of aggressive driving is a very serious issue and, according to AAA, it contributes to 56% of fatal crashes on the roads. While road rage might be a less common cause, it certainly is more dangerous.
Our society has always been in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B quickly, but it seems that lately there is more need to get there faster. Also, a lot of the problem is that there are more and more new people who move into towns who don’t know there way around. You’re faced with a lot more traffic, congestion and as a result,
more drivers who are getting more aggressive, not controlling their emotions behind the wheel.
Can all these emotions be due to what’s been happening with Covid-related stress issues? Or is it a product of the total breakdown of law and order in most of our cities?
Many cities are dealing with traffic law issues as cops are not enforcing these laws. The Department of Transportation has long documented that when cops back off of traffic enforcement, they’re now being told it’s racist to enforce laws and as a result, violent crime goes up.
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