The Swimsuit Model

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The swimsuit is among the most demanding of mainstream outerwear. On average it reveals more of the body than any other ensemble. In some instances a swimsuit reveals as much or more than the undergarments of a typical wardrobe. Despite its seasonality in much of the world and its very specialized use, swimwear remains an important section of the garment / clothing industry. Within France alone in 1999 a total of eight point two million pieces were sold. That represented approximately twenty percent of France’s sportswear sales for the year. Now, consider that 1999 was not a good year for swimsuit purchases. Sales in that year were actually down from the year before.
Vigilante about nutrition, exercise and appearance; comfortable with their bodies; often capable and intelligent beyond the reality of their chosen career; hardworking and devoted to their careers, the career of a model is often more like living a life rather than working a job. Each choice in their life possibly impacting the condition they may be in at the time of the next photo shoot. Their job is to be there and to display. Their status and the role in society that their career has developed into has become more than just that though. They are placed in a position where individuals outside the modeling world may think little of subjecting them to personal scrutiny, and they are sometimes held to exacting position of being role models for individuals who are developing.
How is it that these two can be combined and maintain the intention of public display some ask. How does one begin to enter into such a life; is this simply something that happens to them? What comes after that?
What is Swimsuit Modeling?
Swimsuit modeling is to many something very different than what might be called fashion modeling or even what is known as fitness modeling. There is something comfortable about those other two classes of modeling for most while swimsuit modeling has or lacks something that makes it troubling to some individuals and groups. In fitness perhaps it is the muscles and the focus on the physical act of exercise that puts at ease the same observers mind that is troubled by swimsuit models. Perhaps with fashion, the focus on the clothing comforts these specific observers, maybe the quantity of the material used creates a definiteness of the focus on fashion in their minds. In cases of bareness in fashion the general custom and pomp that recontextualizes the image of the body may create a less shocking experience. It seems it may not be a case of either or some much as a case of some things not being present and in addition other things being present and in the front ground. Whatever it is that soothes many when viewing high-fashion and fitness models and is not there in swimsuit modeling photos is perhaps magnified by the presence of things that are not present in other modeling.
A palpable sex is said by some to be conveyed in some swimsuit model shoots. The swimsuit itself is reminiscent of the designs of undergarments and this as well as other factors likely contribute to the association. Many swimsuits are scant and revealing. The poses of the models are sometimes of the sort that may be considered provocative to some individuals. There is no context, and this lack of any definite guidance to interpretation may be what allows the mind to so easily seek out that other and quite similar context. Beyond a swim suit being there, the amount of context present in a fashion show, an action fashion shot, a fitness or fashion shot or an action fitness or fashion shot is generally not present in the swimsuit photos of today. Rarely if ever do you see a swimsuit photo shot of a model diving into a pool or swimming. The beach is common, but often the poses are not related to typical beach action. The models are often aware of the camera and actively displaying themselves as much as the swimwear as they interact with the camera.
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