The Swinging Life is Still Alive

by admin

Swinging is a taboo of the 21st century although most people do not admit or ready to accept it as a conventional type of sexual relationship. If you ever wonder how couples get to know other couples interested in swinging, the answer is simple because there are many swinger apps available and even some social media groups organize swinger parties where couples get to know each other. Most of the couples interested in swinging are married couples. The main reason married couples become more interested in swinging lies in the word itself. After marrying, many couples find their marriage requires some chilling and novel experience which is completely normal. Some couples consider trying new things within their border of relationship but some couples tend to participate a third party in their sexual life. This might seem emotionally challenging or riskier to a couple’s love life because sex can sometimes turn into love which can be serious damage. But, if the couples are properly communicating and know their borders or their intentions of having a third party in their relationship, this is not a problem at all!

Swinging is different from being polyamory relationships. Swinging is more into fully devoted sexual relationships while polyamory relationships involve emotional influences on all the partners within the relationship. Swinging is done solely on sexual expectations but there can be ‘swings’ in such relationships too. Couples might shift from swinging to polyamory or from polyamory to swinging. No offense! But that is the risk associated with swinging too. If one partner of a couple is not ready to shift from swinging to polyamory while the other one is interested in, there can be emotional and relationships occur seriously damaging the quality of the love life of the partners. Again, if both partners are OK to shift from swinging to polyamory, there is no big deal with that! Remember, communication is the key.
A research study was done by Claire Kimberly and Jason Hans in 2015 about the effectiveness of using verbal and non-verbal communication in swinging lifestyles to improve marital and sexual satisfaction has shown that both types of communication are important to achieve positive outcomes.
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