The Welcome Caress of Seduction

by admin

Model: Chrissy Victoria
Most people mistakenly believe Seduction means to be lured down a dark path that leads to something inherently naughty where a person’s honor is besmirched and their soul is stained. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Certainly once you are “seduced by the Dark Side of the Force, forever will it dominate your destiny”, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Seduction is all about what creates the attraction and what pulls you with irresistible force in a direction that you really don’t want to be steered from no matter what else is going on around you. Seduction is all about seeing beauty, value, joy and fulfillment in something and allowing the essence of that song to permeate your soul and fill it to overflowing with bliss unending and immeasurable.
Feminine beauty has often been one of the most seductive of all the forces on Earth, but too often that siren call is something so very superficial and esoteric that what people think is seduction is actually something far baser, just simplistic lust. Seduction is so very much more than lust. Lust is nothing more sophisticated than listening to the primitive animal’s urgent call from the darkest recesses of the soul, whereas seduction stems from a deeper understanding and appreciation of that which one finds seductive. It is so very easy to see a beautiful woman as just a sex object and to be enamored of her appeal only as it pertains to her body and its curvaceous arrangements. Certainly the liniments of a woman’s figure are enticing and an important part of her seductive appeal, but too many men just look at “boobs” and “ass” forgetting in their lust all those other wonderful uniquely feminine characteristics that are so very seductive. Far too often they are overlooked, but are the more fulfilling qualities that make a woman as seductive as is possible.
First and foremost, a woman’s eyes are her greatest gift of seductive power. Whether it be their color, their size, the aquiline shape or the uniquely complex intricacy to be found in their depths, seductive women know just how to channel emotion, mood and power through their eyes, causing them to radiate excitement or become darkened with dramatic intensity. A woman’s eyes are partly a window into her soul, but her control of that window is so very skillful, that you see only what she wishes you to see, thus her power of seduction. It is so easy to become ensnared by a woman’s eyes that it is almost simple to forget how effortlessly a man can become enmeshed and seduced by another of a woman’s array of seductive qualities, her lustrous and opulent hair. A woman’s hair is her pride and joy, make no mistake. I learned that lesson long ago and have never forgotten it. Length, volume, texture, color, vibrancy and luminosity are all facets of a woman’s intense obsession with the beauty of her hair and how it can be used to seduce a man’s attention and desire for her.
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