The World of Extreme Sex: Everything You Wanted to Know

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Sexual extremes and oscillating levels of pleasures have existed for centuries back. Despite this, there is still a taboo aspect that drags attention to sexual pleasures that do not tick all the boxes of ‘standard preferences’. However, sex is a wide field of exploration and in it, sexual extremes are quite the popular take on the physical experience. Believe it or not, the majority of sexually active participants have tried or are actively immersed in experimenting with ‘forbidden’ sexual extremes as well as fetishes that are still considered a stigma in the regular-sex society.
Nevertheless, when done right, sexual pleasures – extreme as they may be – can be quite a satisfying way to enrich one’s sexual experience as well as repertoire. Without further ado, here are the somewhat extreme sexual pleasures that get the boys and girls to the yard!
The Most Beloved Extreme Sexual Pleasures
Atypical or unconventional sexual pleasures can take a turn for the extreme. However, this does not mean that playing at the edge of sexual pleasure should be risky. On the contrary, adapting to the ‘norms’ of more extreme sexual pleasures is all about finding your rhythm through them, adjusting the fantasy to your needs, and making the most of it in your own scenario. That said, here are the top extremes that sexually curious individuals turn to for an extra dose of excitement.

It should be no wonder that BDSM takes the top spot on our list of extreme sexual pleasures. In fact, around 70 percent of sexually active people have engaged in some form of BDSM play. Short for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism, this practice takes various shapes and forms. Mainly, to make it happen, one sexual participant takes the role of the submissive and the other, the role of a dominant. Discipline can be enforced through the use of various objects like whips and collars, or through pre-determined punishments that aim to keep the submissive sexually thrilled yet subordinate. The bondage part refers to using an array of, well, bondage tools, like ropes, ties, belts, scarves, and even shackles – all to enhance that punishment factor and use it as a tool to convey a satisfying level of discipline.
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