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Camden Market, London.
56 Camden Lock Pl., London Nw1 8AF, United Kingdom
The Camden Market (or Camden Lock) is a very popular market where you can see a diverse range of people. It’s open seven days a week from 10am to 6pm. Some shops have different opening times. It a great spot for alternative fashion, including gothic styles. It has rows of small shops and stalls along the Regent’s Canal loaded with crafts, clothes and fast food. It’s divided into three markets; Union St., The Lock and The Stables. You’ll find the market along Camden High Street from Camden Town tube station. You can get there by underground, Northern Line, by bus or by car, but getting there by car means driving into small spaces.
Check out Camden’s fashion shops. Cyberdog features futuristic cyber clothing and accessories. With their flair for techno funky colors and cutting edge future shock, they’ve been inspired by clubbers to seek the urban underground vibe. Cyberdog never follows trends, is always exciting and creates a unique shopping experience. They really are on the cutting edge, from something out of this world!
Rokit London is a unique vintage clothing store, starting in Camden in 1986, it’s also grown to open four more locations across London. Each piece is handpicked. Pieces range from the Thirties up to the Nineties including only the very best retro and vintage clothes.
Camden Market has a large range of furnishings including antiques, modern furniture, ethnic, textiles and decorative items. Handmade furnishing, such as Hazara line the walls of a shop in Camden with exotic furniture and carpets. In the Camden Market, you’ll see a variety of persian carpets and kilims as well.
There’s a selection of restaurants in Camden Market, featuring bars & cafes and international food stalls. Be sure to check out the ice cream shops as well. You’ll find anything from Turkish food to Thai, Asian, Cuban, Moroccan cuisine and more. Some stalls even have live music and comedy clubs located throughout.
The Lockside Lounge has events going on all the time with a variety of RNB, hip hop, house, garage, dance hall and motown music, disco, swing and so much more. Check out their website for a list of events at
The Gilgamesh Pan-Asian restaurant is a unique Eastern restaurant located in the heart of Camden Stables Market. Its decor is stunning dressed in Babylonian-style palace and featuring a glass citadel with a retractable roof. Diners can enjoy private events spaces, a champagne bar and private chef’s table with premier quality cusine featuring master crafted suchi and sashimi. Delicious!
Pike Place Market, Seattle.
Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA 98121
Pike Place Market in Seattle is one of the oldest and largest markets in the U.S. It started as a produce market, but has now evolved into a market ranging from fish to antiques. With shops both indoors and outdoors, you can find fresh produce, gourmet oils, spices, baked goods, art, restaurants and souvenirs. The fish market mongers have a passion for fish and they like to entertain the tourists as they walk by. You’ll see flying fish as they toss them back and forth like footballs to each other. The fruits and veggies are freshly picked. There are all kinds of homemade pastas, including lemon pepper linguine, lime cilantro linguine dark chocolate linguine and more.
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