THE WRESTLER’S WORKOUT: How to Work Out Like a Professional Wrestler

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Professional wrestlers have a lot of preparation that goes into their performance. It doesn’t simply start when they go through the curtain. They start first thing in the morning with their protein shake, they get into the gym, taking on a big responsibility, one their proud of. WWE superstars have to look and be a certain way and they keep the bar high.
“Sometimes you can try so hard at something. Sometimes you can be so prepared and still fail. So, no matter how great the setback, how severe the failure, you never give up. You pick yourself up, you brush yourself off, you push forward, you move on, you adapt, you overcome. That is what I believe.” – John Cena, WWE Pro Wrestler
John Cena’s full body workout consists of incline machine bench presses, bench presses, cable crossovers, and peck deck flies. He keeps his reps in the range of 15 to 20 reps. He does a lot of functional things, having to pick up guys in the rink and throw them down, so he gets a lot of integrated training in.

Here are some other workouts that professional wrestlers do that you can also try in your daily training:
Chest training. To get your core and to get more muscles working at once, do an isolated bench press. Get on your back, hold one weight in your hand and take the weight up to the top. When coming down, the weight will tend to want to pull you towards your right, so you need to stabilize your core on the left-hand side. If you let yourself go, you won’t be able to raise the weight up again.
Functional training is not balancing four balls on the ground, looking like a circus act. What it’s about is purposeful training. You don’t need to sacrifice your strength in order to train functionally. You gain muscle and burn fat because you’re training intensely. The key is short, intense workouts.
Spiderman Push-up. Go up and down into a push-up position, propelling yourself like Spiderman, pushing up and then down into the next move. You’ll have good hip mobility, creating more movement and different angles in your body. The movements aren’t as predictable as regular push-ups. Your chest will need to react to the stress you’re putting on it. As a result, you’ll build more muscle. For a more intense workout, add a vest for more weight.

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