Top 10 Unknown Travel Destinations

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You might be thinking that you have seen the best of the world but surprisingly there are so many incredibly beautiful locations that haven’t been explored much yet. These lesser known destinations around the globe, which we are going to introduce you with, are not yet overrun by tourists and hence, are cheaper to travel to and offer a wealth of natural and man-made wonders. These are the destinations that should be included into your bucket list and you must plan your next vacation to any of them.
1.Şanliurfa, Turkey:
If you are interested in exploring historical monuments, enjoy scenic sites and delectable cuisine then head to ŞANLIURFA. This beautiful, historic city, nicknamed as Urfa, dates back around 3,500 years. According to a local legend, Abraham was born here in a cave, which you can visit too.
The city showcases hordes of architectural marvels all of which depict Turkish traditional style and culture. The Fish Pool, the Throne of Nimrod Fortress, an extensive archaeological museum and the old style covered Bazaar are among other notable attractions of the city. Don’t forget to visit GöbekliTepe, where you will find the world’s oldest (11,000 years old) temple.
2.Grasse, France:
Whoever loves perfumes knows that French perfumes are the best in the world. So how about visiting Grasse, which produces two-thirds of France’s fragrances? Grasse is the perfumery hub of the world that’s located alongside the French Riviera. Perfume creators called Nose live a very principled life where they refrain from consuming alcohol and spicy food and avoid tobacco just to retain their sense of smell.
Originally the home of leather tanners Grasse became famous for perfumery later. You can visit the old town Place aux Aires, city’s most important monument 12th century Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Puy, Lavender Fields andSarrasin tower. The daily market held at the main arcaded square is perfect for buying perfumes and other French souvenirs.
3.Kobarid, Slovenia:
This picturesque town is located in Soča Valley. Majestic mountains and plush, green pastures surround the town creating an utterly inspirational environment for those who want to avoid city’s hustle and bustle.
Not only natural wonders but the town also offers a fair share of historical and archaeological monuments some of which date back to the Iron Age. The town also played an important role in World War I, and the war museum showcases it brilliantly. It is a small and secluded town where you will find some of the world’s best cuisine as well.
4.Anguilla, Caribbean:
If you are into the tropics, then how about visiting this untouchedgem called Anguilla. As soon as you enter this breathtakingly beautiful island, you will notice the blindingly white sand and the pristine and lustrous aquamarine colored waters.
It is a low-key destination in comparison to the very busy and chaotic St. Martin area nearby. It is a peaceful island where neither cruise ship nor Jet Skis are allowed to preserve the purity of the air and prevent noise pollution. The island boasts of various luxurious retreats and gorgeous hillside villas. With top-rated service, amazing atmosphere and great dining options, Anguilla is certainly the ideal destination for a private hideaway.
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