This is How Travel Will Most Likely Look Like for 2015

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travelWhether you’re a seasoned jetsetter or a first-time overseas traveler, 2015 promises more efficient travelling processes from ticket booking, airport check-in to choosing an accommodation. Furthermore, travelling will be tainted with other purposes other than sightseeing and experiencing a new culture. Technological innovations and new consciousness are primary features to predictions in 2015 travel trends.

  • Technology will Largely Dominate Travelling Processes

Technological innovations for the travel and hospitality industry have gone a great leap forward and 2015 is going to be packed of them. Gone are the days when you have to manually and personally book your tickets. You can do so anywhere, anytime with your smartphone. In fact, World Travel Market predicts that 35% of travel bookings will be made via mobile phones.

 Hotels are also now banking on keycard-less rooms and mobile check-ins. You are also likely to see the hotel’s breakfast menu in an iPad and probably enjoy free wi-fi even at the most humble hotel.

 Aside from hotel technology taking a great leap forward, travelers are likely to see lesser need to carry cash and value their smartphones more. New payment systems like Apple’s Passbook and Google wallet synchronize your debit or credit card account to your smartphone allow you to dine and shop by just presenting your phone and scanning the code upon checkout.

Airport technology is also advancing and already being used from North America to Europe. Bluetooth sensors calls “beacons” could be giving you notifications through your smartphone regarding pertinent information during your airport stay like the best rates for money-exchange and other useful information.


  •  Travel for the Health-Conscious

Wellness travel has become one of the famous trends to dominate the last few years and it will continue to do so in 2015. Wellness travel allows you to take some time off, meditate and rejuvenate your mind and body while being away from home. This means you can do yoga, practice breathing exercises and enjoy a massage from your own hotel or resort.  People who do this type of travel prioritize health over sightseeing.

  •  Posh Accommodations at Budget-friendly Prices

Backpacking across the continent? Now you do not have to live in a cramped room along with few other travelers. 2015 promises better accommodations, perhaps even more elegant and cozy than bleak dormitories without robbing the bank. Several “poshtels,” a new breed of accommodation that merges hostels and hotels, have sprouted in the UK and now they are almost everywhere. Poshtels feature all that you can desire from an upscale hotel – from chandeliers to room service – and are definitely inching past through boutique hotels.

  •  Or You Would be Staying in an Apartment with Hotel Amenities and Services

Airbnb has revolutionized the way apartment owners who are hosting travelers’ stay by putting up more efforts in making their guests stay more comfortable and glamorous. Aside from tourists having an apartment to themselves, hosts are now making the extra effort to put up small but meaningful features like scented candles and ambient music to showcase warmth and hospitality. Tourists could also ask for other services which could be charged as add-ons, including concierge, cleaning and food delivery services.

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