Trump, Twitter and the Move toward Social Media Politics

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The United States has a new president, Donald J. Trump. Regardless of which candidate you supported, you have to admit that it was one of the most controversial campaigns in the nation’s history. From Bernie Sanders seemingly being vote-winked by the Clinton crew to Hillary herself being bludgeoned by email leaks and hacks to the Donald riling crowds with his coarse and sometimes vulgar verbal displays, the 2016 election process resembled more of a circus than a professional political contest.
Through all the shenanigans, bad press and mudslinging, there is one notable trend that has arisen and appears to be solidifying into a common practice – the use of social media by high-ranking political figures. The most obvious example that has shined the most light on the topic is The Donald himself. Both as a candidate in the presidential race and now as the sitting President of the United States, it seems social media – most notably Twitter – is a major venue of choice.
Changing of the Traditional Filter Guard
The traditional mode of campaigning for public office was to travel from city to city, get up on the proverbial soap box and present your message in front of attending crowds of onlookers and press reporters. There were protective, controlling filters put in place to ensure that every jot and tittle of every speech and message gave favor to the speaker and the issues being addressed.
As technology progressed, venues such as radio and television offered politicians the means by which they could present their messages to greater masses of people than ever before. Although they could more readily skirt around some of the traditional processes, filters were still in place to ensure smooth delivery. Speeches were written, timelines were drawn and the venues themselves were meticulously controlled. With filters in place, the nation as a whole could witness campaign battles, news reports and ultimate victories through these miracles of modern society.
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