Unleashing the Inner Sex Demon in You

by admin

Ever dreamed of burning the sheets with that heated passion and scream-inducing orgasm? As innately sexual creatures, we all have a sex demon in all of us. These aren’t demons darkness per se, but a wilder version of our sexual selves that are waiting to come out for a good and unforgettable romp. Or two. Or more. But what matters is that you have another side of yourself that could very well take your partner surprised inside the bedroom. Here are the top tips on how to let your inner sex demon out.
Be vulnerable
Vulnerability may be the last thing in your mind where sex is concerned, but if you make it top priority you will discover a lot about yourself you never knew existed. Being vulnerable means putting yourself out there, surrendering your body and submitting to your desires. Furthermore, being vulnerable also allows you to be bolder later on when you know how to approach sex in a way that believe will be most satisfying to you and your partner.
Treat Every Part of Your Body as a Sex Weapon
Your fingers, your tongue and every little inch of your body is a sex weapon, so don’t just focus on what you have down south. Engage every single cell and nerve into the act and use your senses to get your partner in the mood and keep him there until after you’re done. Using some unexpected body parts to further tantalize your partner, like your toes, hair and even your teeth are small but important recipes for excellent orgasms.
Let Go of Your Imperfections
When you’re in the bedroom along with this special person getting for an adventurous sex, your inhibitions and insecurities should be kept at bay. Those scars, stretch marks and other imperfections should mean nothing to you and your partner. What should matter at this moment is how you’re going to perfect your performance to make this act as meaningful as possible. Focusing on your physical imperfections will keep you from unleashing your inner sexual self and enjoying the act altogether.
Be Willing to Experiment
There is so much to experience about sex so don’t box yourself with you already know. Continuously educate yourself with the various techniques and positions that will take you and your partner to new heights and dimensions of sex. Read the Kama Sutra and similar literature; watch porn and invest in a more flexible mind and body. One can’t be a sex demon without knowing variations that can provide unmatched pleasure.
Take the Lead
In a very pleasurable and sensual act, you have to forget who wears the pants once in a while and initiate on it. Domination during sex often portrays power and authority so let it be known that for tonight, it is you who will call the shots. Taking the lead also displays that you are the person who knows what he/she wants and knows exactly how to get it.
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